DPS Simrahi



Delhi Public School Simrahi,Supaul holds classes from Beginners to Vllth, the medium of instruction is
English, The school always hold curricular , co-curricular and extra-curricular programs like Music and
Dance, Dramatics, Arts & Crafts, Indoor & Outdoor games, P .T., Yoga practice, Natural Health training,
Handicrafts etc. To Encourage the students to avail themselves of many opportunities for total growth.
Delhi Public School believes that academic qualification alone do not make an individual truly educated.
The classrooms are well equipped with healthy atmosphere and education methods.

Shaping New Generation

Children are naturally full of unmixed joy and bliss. The pure and bliss are sparks of divinity within the
individual self. But sadly enough this joy and bliss is systematically smothered and snuffed out by the
environment at home and at school. The largest single factor responsible for robbing children of their joy
and bliss is the drudgery involved in learning right from early childhood. We at DPS Supaul which opens
its portals right from the Nursery section, try to promote joy of learning as well as learning of joy at all
stages, though more specially at the primary level. We accomplish this in our little champs through joyous