DPS Simrahi



The Quality teaching and strong student-teacher relationship form the foundation of our highly scholastic
programme. All the teachers have the special qualities that distinguish a good teacher- patience and
understanding. They are dynamic, relaxed and enthusiastic with the ability to create a friendly
atmosphere in which the child can express himself and learn. They encourage the development of each
child, by providing security and warmth, emphasizing self-discipline more than authority and
encouragement rather than punishment.Our teachers are carefully chosen having aptitude and experience to teach the young children. Never
satisfied with the tried and tested, they delight in creating more effective ways to explore and share
knowledge thus breathing life into their teaching, thereby, enabling our children to go beyond rote
learning. Our teachers are here because they love teaching, they love kids and they love DPS resulting in
a dynamic, challenging, interesting and excitement filled atmosphere. All this is possible because of our
continuous and comprehensive in-service orientation, education and training programme for teachers
through self-motivated school based activities. Lifelong-learning teachers create lifelong-learning
students. DPS Simrahi, Supaul will have a fully trained faculty aided by a large support staff that will include
helpers, researchers, house-keepers, trained paramedics, etc. DPS Simrahi, Supaul will have one of the
best employee remuneration programs leaving no stone unturned to provide career-enhancement
opportunities with workshops, seminars, re-skilling programs, training, and advanced courses. This
philosophy has ensured a low attrition rate in all its Schools, creating a happy workforce which takes
pride in what it does. The dedicated staff will provide student-focused individual attention making sure
that each child keeps up with the peer group. Teaching is often described as a giving of knowledge. In
reality, however, teaching is an experience that should encourage the teacher to learn, too. In fact, an
already knowledgeable teacher, who is able to learn with his or her students, is a good teacher.
Effective teachers cannot afford to rest or coast for very long because the children have a way of bringing
a remarkable new set of challenges into the classroom each day. That what worked with some students
last year may fail this year. A teacher who stops adding to her or his repertoire of effective strategies is
too much like a knife grown dull for lack of sharpening. Teachers are often faced with the challenge of
instructing students at various levels of academic progress. Knowing how to connect with all students
regardless of their aptitude level is critical to ensuring that the educational material is effectively
disseminated to each student, on each level. Ongoing teacher training proves to be a vital tool in
ensuring their success.